Welcome To My World...

Since I was a kid I've been infatuated with the attracting and opposing invisible forces of magnets. I distinctly remember my mother getting angry with me for distorting our family TV screen with magnets. 

I never intended for my art to occupy the fashion world. This is why I consider the spiked bags “wearable sculptures”. Instead of going the traditional route of putting art in a showroom/gallery. Why not make the art usable and adoptable on the street? Outside has always been our platform anyhow. 

After going to school for architecture and designing clothes not long after, I realized that everything I've designed/built has always been modeled after architecture/buildings. Design in general spans across all of these worlds but architecture creates the largest sculptures that exist. Creating a process with unlimited applications applicable to any medium has brought the different things I've done in life full circle. 

To me the spikes represent two things:

1. Perception. How the spikes look may not be how they feel. Playing on this sensory input makes people want to touch and interact with the art. 

2. Controlled Chaos. Using the magnetic field to shape the spikes even though I have no real control of them, only direction. 

Both are synonymous with life, don't you think? How people look may not be who they are. And we have no control in life, only with what direction we choose to take ourselves through it. 

The plan is to cover the world in spikes. Welcome! 

- Oliver Prime